How to Fill Out Form

  • 1. Name:

Please choose a first choice and a second choice in case your first choice is taken. Breeder’s should NOT include their Kennel Name in the boxes. If a breeder has a registered Kennel Name and wishes to use it, the perpendicular box should be completed by them.

  • 2. Color:

A list of colors can be found under the Info tab on our website by selecting Standard. Scroll down to Colors.

  • 3. Not For Breeding:

This box is only to be signed by the breeder. If this box is signed, the dog will be registered as “Non-Breedable”, meaning any puppies that the dog produces would not be eligible for registration. If that is not what you and your breeder agreed to, please contact them for a new application.

  • 4. Sec. A:

This is the section on the application that indicates the legal transfer of ownership from the breeder to the buyer. It should be filled out by the breeder stating the name and address of whom the breeder has transferred ownership, with the date the transfer occurred.

  • 5. Sec. B:

This is the section the new owner fills out, verifying they are applying to register their new puppy in their own legal name. Be sure to put current address and sign where it states, "New Owner’s Signature".

  • 6. To be filled out by the breeder:

If the breeder has a registered Kennel Name and would like the pup to be registered under their Kennel, the breeder would fill out this box.

Complete your application online using the Dog Registration Application on our Forms page.