ICCF Policy


Registration Policy and Rules

  • The breeder of a dog is the person who was registered as the owner of the dam at the time of the breeding. A breeder may request a co-breeder be listed on the Litter Application as well.
  • Any person in good standing with International Cane Corso Federation may apply for the registration of any Cane Corso or litter of Cane Corso dogs owned by him, by supplying the International Cane Corso Federation with such information and complying with such conditions as it shall require.
  • No litter out of a dam younger than 8 months when mated will be registered.
  • To register a dog, that dog will have either an International Cane Corso FederationDog Registration Application, a Registration Certificate or a certificate from an accepted organization.
  • The breeder can limit registration status to "Pet Quality" by indicating such on the Dog Registration Application, making the dog ineligible for registration on any puppies said dog produces.
  • Limited Registration (Pet Quality) can only be amended by a notarized statement from the breeder, as listed on their International Cane Corso Federation documents and must be sent in along with the original certificate and the $15 Status Changing fee.
  • Kennel Names can be registered and are protected by the International Cane Corso Federation. If no activity (dog registration applications or litter applications) occurs for a duration of 5 years, that Kennel Name becomes available and able to be purchased.
  • Owner listed in Section A of the Dog Registration Application has the right to expressly name their dog however if breeder has indicated on application to use his registered Kennel Name, it will go in front of owner's choice for name.
  • The International Cane Corso Federation will not protect Kennel Names that are not registered with our organization.
  • A registered dog's name can only be changed up to the age of six months and must be signed by the breeder giving permission.
  • If a Cane Corso is co-owned, either owner can sign off on Litter Applications however if said dog is being sold, all owners must sign applications.
  • ICCF will not sell, share, or rent your personal information in any way. We know that privacy is a primary concern to dog owners. We do not share any information pertaining to your dog or bitch, such as registration numbers, ownership or litter information, etc.

The International Cane Corso Federation reserves the right modify or amend these Rules and Policies at any time.