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Dog Training: How can you be the Alpha dog?

Obtained from VetStreet. See more great material here. Much has been written about pack behavior in dogs and wolves, some — but not all — of which is true. And, unfortunately, much of the information that has made its way into popular dog culture has been further misinterpreted. This has led to some common bad advice for…

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Culture Clash

The Cane Corso’s iconographic tug of war with the Neo BY MICHAEL ERTASKIRAN There is a rich history handed down through statues, figurines, mosaics, engravings, traditions, superstitions, folklore and the like that seems to be contested between our Cane Corso enthusiasts and the fanciers of the Neapolitan Mastiff. Both lay claim to the same artifacts…

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Spotlight On The Cane Corso

Spotlight On The Cane Corso Obtained from Modern Molosser by Nicola Mille Modern Molosser asked some specialist judges from around the world to answer these questions:1. Please briefly summarize your involvement and successes in the breed.2. Name three Cane Corsos you have personally seen that you admired most (not your own), and what their best…

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